James Forsyth

Miliband’s immigration attack no threat to Cameron

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Ed Miliband broke with his post-conference policy of always asking about the economy at PMQs to devote all six questions to the whole Brodie Clark/Theresa May border dispute. Miliband, though, had no new killer fact or question. Instead, he stuck to general criticisms of the government’s approach.

This gave Cameron an easy ride. He simpy backed the Home Secretary unequivocally before turning on Labour's immigration record. By the end, Cameron was at his most disdainful towards Miliband. Indeed, the most interesting element of the exchange was how the Liberal Democrats looked at their feet as Cameron rattled off the coalition's greatest hits on immigration.

The rest of the session was relatively quiet. There were three questions in support of Britain's national football sides wearing poppies on their shirts on Saturday in defiance of the Fifa ban. But there was one important moment when Cameron said that the government would use its share in RBS to block large bonus payment to RBS directors and staff.