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Place your bets | 17 March 2008

Place your bets | 17 March 2008
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This is asking for trouble. Ladbrokes has opened a book on the first question David Cameron will ask in PMQs. There will be at least a dozen Tories who will know the answer to this on Wednesday morning, and be sorely tempted to ask their cousin to place a large bet. As you can see from the high ranking of taxes - and the featuring of MPs expenses - these bookies don’t always get it right. So there’s money to be made. Mind you, someone had to put Frank Roy out of business…

Ladbrokes odds:-

What will be the topic of David Cameron's first question at this week’s PMQs?

Childcare/Family Issues --- 2/1

China/Tibet --- 7/2

Budget/Taxes --- 4/1

Economy --- 4/1

Crime --- 10/1

Iran --- 10/1

Schools/Education --- 10/1

Immigration/Asylum --- 16/1

NHS/Health --- 16/1

Environment/Green Issues --- 20/1

Iraq/Afghanistan --- 20/1

MPs' Pay/Allowances --- 20/1

Gambling --- 100/1

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