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Podcast: Atheism’s crisis of faith, whether Cameron ‘ does’ God and holidaying in Athens

Podcast: Atheism’s crisis of faith, whether Cameron ‘ does' God and holidaying in Athens
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Is atheism in trouble? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Spectator’s Douglas Murray and Freddy Gray discuss our Easter cover feature on the return of God. Why has atheism hit the intellectual buffers? Can Britain still be considered a Christian country? Is the church losing the argument against government policy on matters such assisted dying? Should atheists be worried by the loss of Christian values in our society? And, with church attendance in free fall, is it not religion that’s in decline?

James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson discuss the role of religion in politics. Why is Ed Miliband’s atheism less controversial than other past Labour leaders who were non-believers? Why does David Cameron occasionally ‘do’ God? Are his party and supporters bothered by his attitude towards religion?

Plus, Channel 4’s Paul Mason explains why Athens is the place to visit for a holiday this Easter. With excellent nightlife and restaurants, he argues that it’s all kicking off in the Greek capital.

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