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Podcast: the decline of feminism?

Podcast: the decline of feminism?
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Has feminism won the battle and is it time to move on? On the latest View from 22 podcast, Emily Hill and Charlotte Proudman debate this week’s cover feature on the decline of feminism. Instead of fighting for equal pay and rights, has feminism become about pointless attention seeking? Is Margaret Thatcher a role model for women to look up to? And is Proudman’s case of a fellow professional sending her messages on LinkedIn an example of how feminism has declined?

James ForsythIsabel Hardman and Fraser Nelson also discuss whether Theresa May will campaign for Britain to leave the EU and whether this makes her the most interesting figure in the Cabinet. With one of her key advisers going to work on the Vote Leave campaign, does this hint at the Home Secretary’s intentions? Will David Cameron try and maintain collective responsibility in the Cabinet over the referendum?

Plus, John R. MacArthur and Freddy Gray discuss Bernie Sanders and whether he has any hope of bagging the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. How has Sanders challenged Hillary Clinton as the frontrunner? And will his candidacy for the nomination have any impact on the overall presidential race?

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