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Rudd gets it right

Rudd gets it right
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Iain Martin is spot-on over at Three Line Whip. Kevin Rudd has shown Gordon Brown exactly how he should have handled the recent Olympic torch relay in London. Here's what the Australian Prime Minster had to say yesterday on the security goons the Chinese brought with them:

“We will not be having Chinese security forces or the Chinese security services providing security for the torch when it is in Australia. We, Australia, will be providing that security. What Olympic officials the Chinese bring to Canberra is a matter for them, but on the security front we will be providing that security.”

I can't figure out who came out of the London fiasco looking worse – Brown or the Chinese. As well as the security guard situation, there was Brown's odd compromise over the Olympic torch - he'd be pictured with it, but wouldn't touch it. A couple of weeks ago, Steve Richards observed that our Prime Minister often tries to please everyone but ends up pleasing no-one. His actions during the Chinese visit certainly fit that pattern.