Russell Brand says vote (but not for Ed Miliband)

Russell Brand says vote (but not for Ed Miliband)
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At a recent screening of his new capitalism documentary the Emperor's New Clothes, Russell Brand, the revolutionary who refuses to vote, said he was too angry to say nice things about today's politicians:

‘When I watch it [the Emperor's New Clothes], I sort of think come on Russell people really want to hear you say something about the election like Caroline Lucas is lovely, or Natalie Bennett is lovely, or Tom Watson is lovely or Ed Miliband is really trying his hardest, but when I watch this I think "nooo! Justice!"’

However just a week later and the comedian has changed his tune. After Ed Miliband paid a late-night visit to his home earlier this week, Brand has been inspired to ditch his anti-voting policy for one MP and their constituency.

Alas, it's not Miliband and Doncaster North. Instead, in the latest episode of Brand's programme the Trews, he catches up with Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas, urging young people to vote Green if they live in Lucas's constituency:

'Are you a person that lives in Brighton Pavilion? If you are, you should definitely vote for this person, Caroline Lucas.'

Happily, Brand also found time to insult his arch-enemy David Cameron when he described how decent the green politicians were:

'It's like the opposite of what I imagine it's like to meet David Cameron and what I know it is like to meet Nigel Farage.'

All in a day's work for the revolutionary, although Mr S does wonder what else might have attracted Brand to the female candidate. He has previously described an 'electromagnetic' meeting with her, after which he reported on how 'attractive' she was, and that if if she so chose, she could 'feature in Downton Abbey as a highly prized and conscientious scullery maid. Or she could've been in Pan's People in the 80s'.

Perhaps Ed should have brought Justine along to his Trews interview.