Fleur Adcock


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Might you not have found him a little

exhausting, though? If, for example,

you were his mother, not given

to innovative thinking yourself,

and had this youth (in 1920

the word teenager was not current),

forever coming up with a new

interpretation of Genesis

or sketching plans for a contraption

that must be at least electrical,

if not dangerous. And now this:

a small ad in the Auckland Star –

SHORTHAND in three hours. New system,

easily learned. Send 5/- for

course. C. Adcock, Te Rau-a-moa.

That was in June; but on reflection

three hours may have struck him as less than

five shillings’ worth. So in December:

SHORTHAND in three days. Write C. Adcock

regarding the Veasy system…

Oh, yes, ha ha – Veasy: v. easy.

Did you make any money, Cyril?