The People’s Vote turns on Roland Rudd

The People's Vote turns on Roland Rudd
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It's all out chaos at the People's Vote campaign today, after the outgoing chairman of Open Britain (one of the campaign's five organisations) Roland Rudd attempted to fire the group's head of communications, Tom Baldwin, and its director, James McGrory. In their place, Rudd wished to appoint Patrick Heneghan, the former head of campaigns for the Labour party.

Unfortunately, the wheels quickly came off Rudd's attempted coup. Baldwin took to the airwaves this morning to insist that Rudd couldn't fire him, and said he would travel in to work this morning. While former New Labour spinner and Remain activist Alastair Campbell launched his own attack on Rudd's move, which he said was a 'deliberate act of sabotage'.

Now it seems that even the group's staff and official Twitter account have joined the fray. This afternoon the People's Vote account launched their own attack on Rudd, criticising his decision to appear on TV rather than meet with staff, and describing his actions as a 'boardroom coup'. Several People's Vote employees have left the building in protest.

Considering Rudd and the People's Vote plotters seemed to have borrowed the far-left's genius for plotting and infighting, they should probably have learned a key lesson from any successful revolution: always make sure to control the airwaves before you launch a coup...

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