Peter Hoskin

The right long-term decisions?

The right long-term decisions?
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Just in case anyone still believed Gordon Brown's "right long-term decisions" claim, then the Observer's interview with Anne Owers – the chief inspector of prisons – should set them straight.  

Owers stresses that the the current prisons crisis is down to past (in)action on the part of the Government:

“You wouldn't start from here if you wanted to create a decent prison system ....  This is a result of decisions taken – or not taken – a long time ago.”

And who – in the past – refused to put up the money for increased prison-building?  That's right – Chancellor Brown.

If he's to regain any credibility, Brown needs to rapidly shift into short-term mode.  The problem – for his party, and for the country – is that he seems pathologically incapable of doing so.  All the more reason, then, for the Tories to be bolder.