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The Spectator Podcast: Eurosceptic chaos, Trump’s campaign and the inaugural What’s That Thing? Award

The Spectator Podcast: Eurosceptic chaos, Trump's campaign and the inaugural What’s That Thing? Award
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[/audioplayer]In this week’s issue, political editor James Forsyth asks whether David Cameron has somehow managed to dish the Eurosceptics for good. In the wake of the publication of the draft EU deal this week, James suggests the current climate ought to have whipped up the perfect storm for Eurosceptics. Amidst the migrant crisis plaguing the continent and widespread dislike of the EU in Britain, those backing Brexit could not have dreamed of a better scenario. But instead the Eurosceptic campaign is in chaos. Isabel Hardman is joined on this week's podcast by James and Vote Leave’s Stephen Parkinson to discuss what might be going wrong.

And just how was Donald Trump trumped? The Spectator’s deputy editor Freddy Gray asks what went wrong in Iowa for the Donald and whether Trump’s campaign will now melt away. He's joined by Kate Andrews from Republicans Overseas to discuss what’s next for the Grand Old Party.

Isabel will also be talking to Stephen Bayley about The Spectator’s inaugural What’s That Thing? Award – given to the worst public art polluting our townscapes. After a year of scouring the streets of Britain, he talks through the worst offenders. Joining him to discuss why not all public art is something to be ashamed of is Posy Metz from Historic England.

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