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The Spectator Podcast: who will emerge from the Tory scrum?

The Spectator Podcast: who will emerge from the Tory scrum?
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Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

15, Nationwide

A full baker's dozen is in the running to become the next Tory leader, with even more expected to declare before the deadline of June 10th. But the party will whittle them down to just two, who will then be put to the members. So who will the final two be, and what will the coming weeks of the contest look like? In this week’s cover, James Forsyth takes a look at the runners and riders and their chances. On the podcast, he's joined by Rob Wilson, former Tory MP who worked for Jeremy Hunt.

Now, it’s not the first time that Boris Johnson has run for leadership, but this time, he’s leaner, he’s had a haircut, and, Lara Prendergast writes in this week’s magazine, is even considering going vegan, all thanks to his new partner, 30 year old Carrie Symonds. So what is the role of a politician’s partner? Screenwriter Paula Milne explored this question in her shows The Politician’s Wife and The Politician’s Husband, and joins the podcast, together with Nevena Bridgen, who is married to Tory MP Andrew Bridgen and runs a lifestyle blog called the Wives of Westminster.

And last, does it make sense for vegans to own cats? Even putting aside the problem of vegan diets for animals, cats are also ruthless killers, Mary Wakefield argues in this week’s issue. Songbird Survival says they pose an existential threat to many wild birds, and Mary asks, why not impose an Australian-style cat curfew? On the podcast, she debates with cat lover and investigative journalist James Ball.

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Cindy Yu is a China reporter and broadcast editor at the Spectator.

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