Peter Hoskin

The speed of schools reform

The speed of schools reform
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Michael Gove is always worth listening to when he speaks on schools reform – offering passionate rhetoric supported by detailed policy. But this morning he excelled himself. If you want a clear sense of what the Tories have in mind for making "opportunity more equal," then I'd recommend you track down a copy of his presentation. I'll try to link to it, if it appears online later.

One point that jumped out at me was when Gove said a Tory government would introduce a bill "within days" of entering power, aimed at "making it harder for bureaucracies to block the creation of new schools".  He added that he'd hope to get this signed off before Parliament breaks up for the summer.

Gove has spoken about "rushing through" schools legislation before, but this is – off the top of my head – the most unequivocal timeline he's given. And it should certainly encourage Tory supporters. As Tony Blair found to his cost, reform needs to be enacted as hard and as fast as possible.