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The View from 22 — 12 April 2012

The View from 22 — 12 April 2012
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Today, we are releasing the inaugural episode of the Specator podcast: The View from 22. We hope that CoffeeHousers who have the podcast habit — and even some who don't — will sign up to what will be a weekly discussion from the Spectator family and beyond.

In our first episode, Neil O'Brien (of Policy Exchange) discusses his cover story about how London is now so different from the rest of the country that it can be seen to have left the UK. James Forsyth talks about the rise of anti-politics, and why Labour is worrying that its disaster at the Bradford by-election has set a template for what's to come. Fraser Nelson talks about the ongoing generation wars — the fallout from our Daniel Knowles vs Carole Sarler feature is still continuing.

You can listen below with the embedded player or — best of all — subscribe through iTunes. As our first, it's a little rough, but we'd love to hear what you think, good or bad.

UPDATE: Paul Danon asked the relevance of 22 in the title. The Spectator's home is at 22 Old Queen Street in Westminster.

The View from 22 - 12 April 2012. Length 22:20

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