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The week that was | 1 May 2009

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Here are some of the posts made on over the past week:

Fraser Nelson watches Gordon Brown play politics over troop numbers, and sets out why we need a proper debate on 50p tax.

James Forsyth says that the Gurkha victory is a victory for the House, and wonders what the Tories' policy on Trident is.

Peter Hoskin
reports on the ID card scrap, and says that Brown's position is getting more and more unstable.

Toby Young
tells the story of his bicycle accident.

Daniel Korski honours our soldiers.

Etan Smallman
reveals the changing face of the super-rich.

Martin Bright
observes the first outing of the Clegg-Cameron coalition.

Clive Davis writes on Obama's 100 days and the limits of power.

Alex Massie makes some suggestions for a foreign policy film festival.

Melanie Phillips sets out the truth delusion of Richard Dawkins.

And Americano looks at Obama's personal appeal.