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The week that was | 10 December 2010

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Here are some of the posts made on over the past week:

Fraser Nelson explains why we must remember the lessons of the Anglo-Scottish Enlightenment, and says that the student protesters may have a point.

James Forsyth tracks how far our schools have fallen, and reports on a day of gaffes.

Peter Hoskin watches Labour stumble into the tuition fees vote, and outlines the coming battle over mainstream Conservatism.

Ed Howker reveals the great Olympics cash-in.

Daniel Korski
says it's time for an Afghan inquiry.

Nick Cohen takes on the Illiberal Democrats.

Rod Liddle see little sense in Ken Clarke's prisons plans.

Alex Massie sets out to define authentic Conservatism.

Melanie Phillips reports on the latest UN shocker.

The Spectator Arts Blog looks back on 50 years of Coronation Street.

And the Spectator Book Blog enjoys Tony Judt's last collection of essays.