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The week that was | 11 December 2009

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Here are some posts made on over the past week:

Fraser Nelson
says we shouldn't worry about the tax on jobs, and reveals the hidden cuts in the Pre-Budget Report.

James Forsyth wonders whether Labour has u-turned on defence spending, and says the Tories should attack the national insurance increase.

Peter Hoskin gives his verdict on the Pre-Budget Report, and watches the government's economic narrative unravel.

David Blackburn notes a significant endorsement for Osborne and Hammond, and wonders how long it will be until the plug is pulled.

Martin Bright
gives his take on the PBR.

Susan Hill reflects on readers' abiding fascination with authors.

Rod Liddle apologies. Sorta.

Alex Massie asks for another PBR.

And Melanie Phillips attacks the BBC's reporting on anthropogenic global warming.