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The week that was | 12 February 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson ponders the re-birth of history.

James Forsyth offers a note of caution over Cameron’s welcome attack on lobbyists, and says that the Tories’ death ads are the sort of hardball politics the Tories should play.

Peter Hoskin condemns the Tories’ attack poster as Brownite politics at its worst, and sees the Cameroons fleshing out the agenda that may define them.

David Blackburn argues that the Tories’ dirty tactics are distasteful but effective, and is uneasy about Cameron’s personal attack on Brown.

Lloyd Evans sketches a perky PMQs.

Daniel Korski writes an obituary for Charlie Wilson.

Susan Hill is clear that bullying is bullying – whoever does it.

Rod Liddle shafts Amnesty International.

Alex Massie takes Con Coughlin to task over the Binyam Mohamed case.

Melanie Phillips celebrates Sarah Palin.

And Cappuccino Culture is in a muddle over an existentialist who doesn’t exist.