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The week that was | 19 February 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson says that, love him though he does, the Fink just isn’t cutting it.

James Forsyth believes the Tories have to fight dirty, and explains why Adeela Shafi didn’t get a namecheck.

Peter Hoskin is pleased that the Tories’ new poster campaign is an improvement on their last, and evaluates the politics of Osborne’s co-ops.

David Blackburn thinks there is much to do if Britain is to manufacture its way out of trouble, and wonders if the economic outlook could get any worse.

Mark Bathgate analyses a turbo charged fiscal crisis.

Daniel Korski asks what Cameron could learn from Obama’s struggles.

Martin Bright asks if Jenny Tonge is really sorry.

Susan Hill exposes more bullying.

Melanie Phillips is clear that post-Blairism is rooted in the past.

And Cappuccino Culture has something to say about literary hardmen.