The Spectator

The week that was | 20 February 2009

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Fraser Nelson continues the Spectator Inquiry into the causes of the recession, and marks a first anniversary that shouldn't be celebrated.

James Forsyth gives his take on the Labour leadership speculation, and says that the London G20 Summit can't live up to expectations.

Peter Hoskin outlines a day of good and bad news for the Tories, and spots the vultures circling above Downing Street.

Lisa Hilton laments Italy's apathetic attitude towards corruption.

Daniel Korski analyses Obama's mini-surge.

Martin Bright observes the irresistible rise of the Lib Dems.

Clive Davis gives his take on the Allen Stanford case.

Alex Massie notes when English is actually British.

Melanie Phillips marks a requiem for British decency.

Faith Based says that Rowan Williams is mainly monk.

Trading Floor reports on the RBS bonus limits.

And Americano says America rules the skies.