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The week that was | 22 January 2010

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Here are some of the posts made on over the past week:

Fraser Nelson warns that the EU is slithering onto the world stage.

James Forsyth says that the Obama presidency is in big trouble, and wonders what Labour will do with their extra £1.5 billion.

Peter Hoskin watches Alistair Darling struggle for consistency, and says that Tory marriage policy is now Labour's favourite target.

David Blackburn blames Brown for the anti-terror cuts, and highlights the government's IT bungles.

Daniel Korski welcomes David Miliband's Big Idea.

Martin Bright calls Jack Straw the Ultimate New Labour Politician.

Susan Hill says that, no, amateurs aren't just as good as pro's.

Rod Liddle knows what it's like to be an Enemy of the People.

Alex Massie gies his take on the Massachusetts election result.

Melanie Phillips sets out the thin blue line of jihad.

And Cappuccino Culture asks you for your favourite records.