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The week that was | 22 May 2009

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CoffeeHousers pick Frank Field as their choice to be the next Speaker.

Fraser Nelson sets out the power of celebrity candidates, and is left unimpressed by Gordon Brown's press conference.

James Forsyth says that talent needs a seat, and wonders whether Vince Cable will be able to resist the tempation to run for the Speakership.

Peter Hoskin thinks that Michael Martin's resignation was a necessary first step, and sets out the Lumley effect.

Toby Young believes an anti-sleaze party should contest 100 seats.

Martin Bright reports on a collective sigh of relief.

Clive Davis asks: where's Al Pacino when we need him?

Alex Massie says that Parliament should be a gentlemen's club.

And Melanie Phillips gives her take on a wary encounter.