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The week that was | 26 November 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week

The Spectator welcomes Nick Cohen as its latest guest blogger.

The Spectator Book Blog congratulates 2 old friends of the magazine on their appointment to the Booker Prize judging panel.

Fraser Nelson praises Michael Gove’s education white paper, and analyses the political precedents of Howard Flight’s loose talk.

James Forsyth explains why Spain matters.

David Blackburn watches the coalition forge another impressive compromise, and thinks that Ed Miliband must begin to define himself and his party.

Mark Littlewood reports on the centre right’s changing conception of society and why Jon Cruddas is exercised by it.

Martin Bright is asking questions about Bangladeshi war criminals.

Susan Hill asks you what you would miss the most.

Rod Liddle praises Gordon Brown for resisting Tony Blair.

Alex Massie wants Stuart Broad to pitch it up.

And Melanie Phillips comments on Panorama’s investigation into Saudi-sponsored Islamic indoctrination in schools.