The Spectator

The week that was | 27 February 2009

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Matthew d'Ancona looks forward to the return of Blur.

Fraser Nelson reveals the Spectator Inquiry's questions for Lord Lawson, and watches Mervyn King's blame game.

James Forsyth picks up on an embarrassment for Gordon Brown, and reports on the British civil war in Afghanistan.

Peter Hoskin gives his take on the Fred Goodwin pension controversy, and analyses the Government's decision to have Northern Rock lending again.

Martin Bright writes on the RBS bailout.

Clive Davis raises the universal question.

Alex Massie describes the danger of wanting to be Californian.

Melanie Phillips outlines a less than engaging strategy.

Faith Based laments the Vatican's misogynistic slant on sin.

Trading Floor analyses the RBS bailout.

And Americano gives its take on the Jindal response to Obama's speech.