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The week that was | 8 January 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson watches the Labour party lose the plot, and thinks that David Cameron is cowering in the face of Labour attacks.

James Forsyth reveals what we have learnt from the failed H&H coup, and argues that any action that wounds Brown without killing him is nectar to the Tories.

Peter Hoskin wonders whether he’s found Labour’s election slogan, and wonders why H&H stuck their heads above the parapet.

David Blackburn predicts a post-election bloodbath for Labour, and is concerned that the Civil Service’s impartiality is being compromised.

Lloyd Evans witnesses an intriguing exchange at PMQs be overshadowed by events.

Susan Hill urges writers to write as they please.

Rod Liddle questions the climate change Establishment.

Alex Massie ponders the phenomena of ‘Vote for Mr None of the Above’.

Melanie Phillips examines David Cameron’s marriage policy.

And Cappuccino Culture says goodbye to Jonathan Ross.