Piers Morgan

This Christmas, I’m basking in Donald Trump’s glory

This Christmas, I'm basking in Donald Trump's glory
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The Prose Factory: Literary Life in England since 1918

D.J. Taylor

Chatto, pp. 512, £

It’s weird being friends with someone who suddenly becomes President of the United States, not least for the reflected glory that suddenly rains down on one’s own far less powerful cranium. I was roundly ridiculed by numerous high-profile journalists and celebrities for predicting Donald Trump’s victory throughout his 16-month campaign.

Now, many of those same egg-faced mockers slither up at festive parties to whisper a variant of: ‘Any chance you could put a good word in for me with Donald?’ To which my preferred response is to place a patronising hand on their shoulder and say: ‘It’s Mr President-elect Trump to you.’

This is an extract from Piers Morgan's Christmas diary. The full article can be found here