Til Brexit do us part

Til Brexit do us part
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Brexit is one of the most divisive issues in the UK – splitting friends, family and all the main political parties along Leave and Remain lines. But if you think you've had some bruising arguments about Brexit these past two years, spare a thought for one particularly political household.

Chief Brexiteer Andrea Jenkyns has been a vocal supporter of (a) Standingup4Brexit (b) deposing Theresa May since July. The Conservative MP was among the first to openly call for May to go – using a memorable PMQs to accuse her of adopting a Remain strategy:

At the other end of the spectrum is Jenkyn's husband Jack Lopresti – the pair have a son nicknamed Brexit Clifford. Also a Brexiteer, the MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke has – as of this weekend – adopted a different stance with regards to the Brexit deal. On Friday, Lopresti declared that he not only had full confidence in May – he supported the proposed withdrawal agreement:

'I have every confidence in Mrs May, and believe we must continue to support the Prime Minister and put any divisions behind us to secure this deal in the interests of the United Kingdom.

'We need to be sensible and pragmatic. There was always going to be a need to compromise on both sides.'

Dinner must be fun...

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