Peter Hoskin

Tragedy on the streets of Lahore

Tragedy on the streets of Lahore
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Grim echoes of the Mumbai atrocities this morning, as the news came in that a bus carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team had been attacked in Lahore.  Once again, it seems that the perpertrators are a Pakistani terrorist organisation, perhaps even the same Lashkar-e-Taibar; once again, the attack is being described as "well organised"; and, once again, the end result is tragic: at least six people have died and around seven are injured.  Perhaps the main difference is that this took place on Pakistani soil.  Another is that the gunmen haven't been captured or killed, and most likely won't be.

It encapsulates the chaos that reigns in Pakistan right now.  Aside from the country's all-too-clear links with terrorism, President Asif Zardari has severed almost all ties with democracy - interpreting the Constitution as he sees fit, and banning his political opponents.  It's an explosive mix.  And - given the aims of global terrorism - we could get hit by the shrapnel.

But, today, we must again remember those who have already been hit.  The second test match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan has been cancelled, and rightly so.  In these circumstances, sport just can't go on, and you've got to wonder whether test cricket will ever return to that troubled country.  Quite simply: lives matter more.

P.S. Alex writes about the attacks here.