UKIP stand by their latest trouble man

UKIP stand by their latest trouble man
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More trouble for Ukip this morning: it seems that yet another party official has some colourful views about 'people of color'. David Challice, who is understood to work at Ukip HQ, once suggested that 'cash-strapped Moslems' should have multiple wives.

In a bizarre newspaper advert placed in the Exeter Express and Echo in 2009, Challice said that he had found a 'money spinner' for 'any cash-strapped Moslems'. He recommended that they should have 'multiple wives in order to claim an extra £33.65 per wife in benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions'. An outcry followed, with Challice accused of racism. Challice later denied that the advert was racist; arguing that '...the mention of Islam and Muslems [sic] was strictly factual. Or are these complainants disputing that a Muslem [sic] can come to this country with a harem of wives, and claim state benefits for each of them?'

Well, Mr S would point out that, even under Labour, cash-strapped monogamous British Muslims were never allowed to marry multiple wives in Britain in order to claim extra benefits. Furthermore, polygamous marriages conducted abroad by immigrants to Britain are no longer recognised by the coalition's Universal Credit. But that's all by the by, really.

Mr Steerpike's attention has also been drawn to Challice's book, The View From Here, which contains some singular views about the 'vile' Greeks:

'The Greek driver seeing a dog in the road a hundred yards ahead will accelerate and do his damnedest to run it down for sport; a Turk will maintain his speed and course, and if the dog happens to be in the way, will run it over - the one is vile the other fatalistic.'

However, this quote is apparently from Brian Sewell and, as Ukip point out, is ‘attributed to Mr Sewell in the text’. Those looking to smear Challice need to try a little harder than that.

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