Watch: John McDonnell’s BBC asset manager barney

Watch: John McDonnell's BBC asset manager barney
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As Jeremy Corbyn worked himself into a bother over Philip Hammond's Budget in the Chamber, Labour's shadow chancellor busied himself on the airwaves. Keen to show there was a better – more socialist – way, John McDonnell tried to explain to Andrew Neil why Labour had a more credible grip on the economy than the Conservatives.

In order to try and make this point, McDonnell claimed many asset managers were impressed by his proposals – which include plans to invest through nationalisation. Given that Labour's nationalisation plans include the government deciding how much to pay private companies for the assets, the presenters were intrigued to hear the claims:

JM: When I'm talking to asset managers and others, they're coming to us appreciative because they want the certainty of a government that will invest.

So who are these Corbynista asset managers and where can Mr S find them?

AN: Who are you talking to?

JM: A range of asset managers. I've spoken to them in confidence.

AN: So, you can't tell us a single asset manager you've met?

Later on, McDonnell appeared to lose his temper when Neil pointed out it was impossible to confirm his story:

JM: Are you doubting my honesty?

If you are one of John McDonnell's asset managers, please get in touch.

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