Watch: Matt Hancock’s cringe comeback video

Watch: Matt Hancock's cringe comeback video
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Whether it's Michael Gove raving in an Aberdeen club, Humza Yousaf falling over on his scooter or James Duddridge mixing up Zimbabwe with Zambia in a eulogy, it's certain been a summer for cringeworthy political clips. But now all those efforts have been trumped by a fresh entry from master of the video nasty, the star of the CCTV kiss cam, the one and only Matt Hancock.

The former Health Secretary has managed to somehow surpass the leaked footage of his June clinch with Gina Coladangelo by releasing an even more embarrassing video of himself out meeting voters. The West Suffolk MP is said to be plotting a rapid comeback just three months after being forced to resign his post and presumably thinks footage of himself sounding like David Brent is the way to do that.

Mr S struggled to decide which moment he most enjoyed from the 49 second video, released on Hancock's Twitter feed. There's the bit where one voter tells him 'you've done very well' like a child finishing third in an egg and spoon race and the weird hand gestures he gives when talking about the local high street. There's the weird mix of self-congratulation and 1990s corporate backing music throughout the whole clip – as if Hancock had achieved something, rather than being forced to quit in disgrace.

But Steerpike's favourite moment was the closing shot, a lingering glimpse of Hancock from behind, suit jacket fluttering in the wind as he leans on a burger bar counter. Wistfully he tells the hard-working hot dog vendor: 'Nice to be out and about, you take it for granted' before adding, after a pause, 'and then something like Covid happens.' Or in your case Matt, you're forced to go into hiding to flee the paparazzi.

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