What happens at conference stays at conference

What happens at conference stays at conference
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Readers of yesterday’s Mail on Sunday were treated to what appeared to be the perfect 'Tory Sleaze!' story. But appearances can deceive. Here’s what the Mail reported:

'A Tory Minister is involved in an extraordinary row over claims that taxpayers’ money was used to fund gay sex parties. The politician is said to have been in a feud with a senior party official accused of using dating app Grindr to invite gay MPs and activists to his suite at the Conservative Party conference. 

Neither the Minister nor the official can be named by The Mail on Sunday for legal reasons. 

The gay sex party is alleged to have taken place at the Light ApartHotel, a luxury apartment complex in Manchester where suites cost up to £2,500 a night. It is just over half a mile from the Manchester Central conference centre and is popular with footballers and WAGs.'

Some homosexual men are alleged to have romped in a hotel bed at Tory party conference? Well, blow me. Mr S would be more shocked if the combination of alcohol and intrigue that dominate any party conference did not lead to rumours of some sort of orgy. Moreover, the taxpayer would have paid the bill for such an official to be at Tory conference, regardless of who did or did not drop their trousers. As long as they were all consenting adults, what exactly is the problem here?