Peter Hoskin

Will Brown serve up some cold revenge?

Will Brown serve up some cold revenge?
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One of the great political losers of the past six months has been David Miliband.  Only last August, he was launching his attempt on the party leadership and Polly Toynbee was feting him as Labour's best chance for a bright future.  But shares in the Foreign Secretary started plummeting in the wake of those infamous banana and 'Heseltine' moments.  And, after his disastrous visit to India - during which he embarrassed himself and, by extension, the UK on the world stage - one wonders whether he's got any political capital left at all. 

There's certainly a stronger case now that he shouldn't remain in the role of Foreign Secretary - Milibandiplomacy just isn't the way forward, as Andrew Pierce forcefully suggests in today's Telegraph - and this viewpoint is becoming more and more prevelant among Labour folk I speak to.  All of which means that Brown can finally get some revenge for Miliband's abortive coup.  Sacking Miliband would have been politically dangerous last summer - indeed, there was much talk that Brown would actually make him Chancellor to keep him and his supporters sweet - but his demotion would be met with little protest now.

Of course, our PM may not want take such drastic action.  But he can.  And that alone might give him some slight comfort if a new wave of leadership speculation kicks off in the next few months.