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Bridge | 04 May 2024

Whenever we play a team’s tournament, fielded by sponsors, the sponsor (given choice) makes a beeline for me and I understand why. They probably think they will be shark fodder against a very aggressive pair of Internationals and will be swallowed whole. One Sponsor told her teammate to try and arrange for me to play


Chess on the telly

What is it like to play chess? Once in a while, I try to convey the atmosphere of a competitive chess tournament to someone who has never witnessed it. I liken it to sitting an exam, in that it lasts for hours and makes your brain hurt; at least everyone can relate to that. But

Chess puzzle

No. 799

Black to play. Adorjan-Lobron, the Master Game Final, London 1982. White’s far advanced b-pawn looks likely to win the game, but Lobron’s next move turned the tables. What did he play? Answers should be emailed to chess@spectator.co.uk by Monday 6 May. There is a prize of £20 for the first correct answer out of a


Spectator Competition: Nursery crimes

Comp. 3347 invited you to write a hard-boiled nursery rhyme. This inevitably led many to think of Humpty Dumpty, hence his multiple appearances (the consensus is he didn’t fall, he was pushed). Philip Marlowe was smouldered at by various femmes fatales including Little Bo Peep and Miss Muffet. A special mention goes to David Silverman’s


2652: A and M

The unclued Across lights are of a kind, as are the related unclued Down lights. The yellow and red squares, when read in order row by row, confirm the theme.         Across    1    Feel rip-off by stewards providing obligatory features on board (4,10) 11    Section of grammar review of Aeneid (three chapters) (9)

Crossword solution

2649: Shut up shop – solution

The unclued lights, with the pairs at 1D/18, 17/6A and 26D/5, are stores which are no longer trading. First prize George Kingston, Sutton under Brailes, Oxon Runners-up Mrs J. Smith, Beeston, Kings Lynn, Norfolk; C. Stafford and F. Daniels, Cremorne, NSW, Australia