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Bridge | 25 May 2024

We all pause to think when playing, but – let’s be honest – it’s usually as basic as re-capping the bidding or counting points and distribution. When great players stop to think, you just know they’re on a higher plane, probably contemplating things that wouldn’t occur to the rest of us. But what? Luckily, when


European Seniors

England teams brought home an Aladdin’s cave of medals from the European Senior Team Championship, which concluded in Slovenia last week. Their victory in the over-65 section was particularly convincing. The team of John Nunn (reigning world senior champion 65+), Tony Kosten, Peter Large, Chris Baker and Nigel Povah lost just two games out of 36,

Chess puzzle

No. 802

Black to play. Rocco-Ghasi, 4NCL, May 2024. White’s last move Rd1-a1 was a mistake, and with his next move Ghasi provoked instant resignation. What did he play? Email answers to chess@spectator.co.uk by Monday 27 May. There is a prize of £20 for the first correct answer out of a hat. Please include a postal address


Spectator Competition: Beg to differ

In Comp. 3350 you were invited to write a refutation of a well-known line from literature. Ian Jack once imagined quibbling with Jane Austen over ‘a truth universally acknowledged…’: ‘“Universally”, Miss Austen, even among pederasts with good fortunes, or among the heathen races?’ Poetry dominated, which is reflected in the winning entries (£25 to each).


2655: Primacy

The unclued lights (one of two words) are of a recent kind. Across 10    Late bishop, terribly welcoming (10) 13    Farah off with English – that’s dull (8) 16    Confiscate trawler catching small fish (5) 17    Nick caught with grass in school (7) 18    Could be Turkish transport (7) 20    Poirot found by small transport

Crossword solution

2652: A and M – solution

The unclued Across lights are makes of AUSTIN (in yellow) cars and the unclued Down lights are MORRIS (in red) cars, hence A and M in the title. First prize Chris Taylor, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire Runners-up Sara MacIntosh, Darlington; Stephen Smith, Messing, Essex