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Bridge | 28 November 2013

‘Yikes! I’ve been Grosvenored!’ This is a wail you will hear from time to time when a Declarer has been ‘had’ by the dreaded Grosvenor Gambit. It is explained in The Official Encyclopaedia of Bridge as follows: ‘A humorous psychological ploy described by Frederick Turner of Los Angeles in The Bridge World 1973. A defender


Song of Norway

Magnus Carlsen has become the 16th world chess champion, taking the title with three wins, seven draws and no losses, the most convincing win in a title match since Capablanca defeated Lasker in 1921. Norway’s Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, congratulated the new champion on live TV, Scandinavian Airlines decorated a plane in chessboard livery in


Picture this | 28 November 2013

In Competition 2825 you were invited to supply a poem for a well-known painting of your choice. The poet and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti was the inspiration behind this challenge. His sonnet ‘Found’ was written in 1881 as a companion to an unfinished oil painting of the same title on the theme of prostitution, which


2141: Megacant

The unclued lights (all but two of two words) are of a kind, listed in Chambers 2011. Elsewhere, ignore one accent.   Across   1    Race to leave car in protected area (12, two words) 10    Regular car rides to Irish peninsula (4) 12    Able to include one opposing support (10) 14

Crossword solution

to 2138: Hundred centimes

The unclued Across lights are words abbreviated by C (= 100) and the unclued Down lights are abbreviated by c (= centimes).   First prize Mrs P. Bealby, Stockton-on-Tees Runners-up Jacqui Sohn, Great Yarmouth, J. Murray, Exmouth


No. 294

White to play. This position is a variation from Anand-Carlsen, Chennai (Game 9). White is on the verge of delivering checkmate but the Black b-pawn is about to promote. White needs an accurate move here. What is it? Answers to me at The Spectator by Monday 2 December or via email to victoria@spectator.co.uk or by