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Are Britain and America drifting apart?

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In a speech this week, Joe Biden said America will focus more on threats from Russia and China and less on foreign interventions. The US President signalled that his country would return to using ‘over the horizon’ drone strikes against terrorist targets, and would need to prove it was ‘competitive’ in combatting emerging threats.

Ben Wallace, the defence secretary, addressed this in an interview with The Spectator last week. He said: ‘If America makes the decision that it needs to tilt more, the question for the West, for Europe, for the United Kingdom and for other nations is: are we going to go with them? Do we backfill? Or do we do both?’

So will Britain follow America, or will it instead make more of its bilateral relationships with European countries like France? Cindy Yu speaks to James Forsyth and Katy Balls.


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