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Macron’s last adventure: the President vs the public

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On the podcast:

In his cover piece for the magazine, journalist Jonathan Miller argues that President Macron is pitting himself against the people by refusing to back down from his plans to raise the age of retirement. He is joined by regular Coffee House contributor Gavin Mortimer, to ask whether this could be Macron’s last adventure (01:06).

Also this week:

In the magazine, travel journalist Sean Thomas says that – in comparison to other cities he has visited – American cities are uniquely struggling to bounce back from the impacts of the covid pandemic. He is joined by Karol Markowicz, columnist at the New York Post and contributing editor at Spectator World, to discuss the decline and fall of urban America (16:29).

And finally:

Mary Wakefield writes in the magazine about her fear of the advances in artificial intelligence and in particular voice cloning technology. This sort of tech is being increasingly used by fraudsters. James Ball, columnist at the New European, joins the podcast alongside Jay Hacks, an AI practitioner. Would they be fooled by a voice scam? (26:38). 

Presented by William Moore and Lara Prendergast. 

Produced by Oscar Edmondson.


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