Holy Smoke

Why has the West caved in to the progressive witch-finders?

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Is western society in the grips of a progressive hysterical epidemic comparable to the Salem Witch Trials?

My guest on Holy Smoke this week, Andrew Doyle, argues precisely that in his book The New Puritans. He suggests that gender ideology, and particularly the dogmas of trans activists, together with the fantasies of Critical Race Theory, are dragging society into an alternative reality that resembles a fanatical religion. But it’s one that doesn’t have to employ its own ideological police – because actual police forces, along with other powerful institutions including the churches, have signed up to the New Puritanism (usually without understanding it).

Andrew Doyle has a doctorate in Renaissance poetry from Oxford University, so he’s well acquainted with the postmodern manipulation of language and epistemology that equip proponents of so-called cancel culture. He’e also someone the new puritans would dearly love to cancel, in his roles as broadcaster, comedian and the creator of Titania McGrath, the hilarious Twitter parody account that’s been suspended several times for poking fun at people who enjoy being satirised about as much as your average witchfinder-general.

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