We couldn’t get the parts to write this poem

Our metaphor container ship is dry-docked

in Bratislava and our simile warehouse in

Wuppertal has had to close its doors.


We apologise. Some figments, we believe,

may still be in transit, but there are supply chain

fractures due to disputes over paperwork.


We’re so sorry that we couldn’t get the parts

but the task has not been helped by a general

dip in the market for lyricism in the West


and in the East by surveillance tactics to curb

outbreaks of oxymorons, iambics, and random

enjambment. Rising divorce rates between


couplets has also been unprecedented and many

of the major manufacturers of pathetic fallacy

have changed profession, citing burn-out.


We did try to let some fancies flee away

but they got caught up in the jet blast

of a cargo plane over the South China Sea.


They went from a/b/a/b to Mayday, Mayday

and, sadly, nosedived. Once again, we apologise.

We’ll post here if normal service can resume.