Mark Daniell

The Ryder Cup tees off

We’ve all been there: the first tee, the dimpled white orb sitting serenely on its throne, the shimmering green fairway, sirenlike in the distance. We’ve all felt the weight of the club in our one-gloved grip, the flex of the shaft; envisaged the crack and ping of contact. The 37th Ryder Cup starts today and

The Brits to watch out for in the Olympics

At eight seconds past eight minutes past eight in the evening, central Chinese time, on the eighth of August, two thousand and eight, the Beijing Olympic Games get underway. That’s 8:08:08 p.m. on 08/08/08 – so, by my count, only six eights. Two short of the lucky Chinese number. I can think of only one

Countdown to Wimbledon

If ever there was a sporting foregone conclusion it’s Wimbledon. Federer always wins Wimbledon. It’s what he does. He hasn’t lost on grass in 59 games so there’s no point in watching it, right? But this year the knives are out for the world number one. He was humbled in the final in Paris a fortnight

Having a flutter on Euro 2008

Ok, so Euro 2008 has kicked off (if my calculations are correct, we should be most of the way through France vs Romania right now). And the BBC still bellows “Who will you support?” Answer: no-one. We didn’t qualify, remember? Cinderella has never had so much empathy. I wrote on Friday night how we Brits

Picking sides for Euro 2008

In the absence of any Home Nations presence in the upcoming Euro 2008 football championships, there’s been plenty of talk about which teams we Brits should support. I suspect many will have been scouring family trees or revamping tired old prejudices in a desperate attempt to give a hoot about what will happen. Personally, I

World Cup Vodoo

Mark Daniell previews the Rugby World Cup semi-finals. Mark Daniell Chaos theory states that because of its incomprehensibly complex structure, the universe and everything in it is unpredictable.  Established in the twentieth century, the idea is accepted as ‘good enough for now’ by most budding astrophysicists, and lately it would seem by most rugby fans