Ros Altmann

Eight reasons to get rid of the state pension triple lock

A parliamentary committee has concluded that the triple lock on the state pension has to go because it is “unsustainable” and “unfair” on younger families. The pledge means that each year, parts of the state pension will be increased by either inflation, earnings or 2.5pc – whichever is the higher. When I served as pensions minister, my

What about savers and pensions? Ten thoughts on today’s rate cut

Today’s rate cut and announcement that there will be more QE means more pain for UK pensions – yet the Bank of England statement seems to completely ignore the pension impacts of its policies. Estimates suggest pension deficits are now approaching £1trillion – which, surely, cannot be sustainable. Here are some thoughts on the today’s decision to cut the interest rate to 0.25pc and to rev

George Osborne’s annuity plan explained

George Osborne has today said that he’ll allow people to sell their annuities for cash, and will consult on how best to establish a market for second-hand annuities.  This move will be popular with many of the five million or more who have been forced to buy these annuities in recent years. Here’s what you need