Sam Russell

Sam Russell is The Spectator’s podcast producer.

Chris Daw, Lionel Shriver and Sam Russell

21 min listen

On this episode: Chris Daw QC on the blame game that surrounds the Hillsborough disaster and why it’s time to move on (01:00); Lionel Shriver suggests we should just give Scottish nationalists what they want and watch the chaos unfold (07:40); and Sam Russell, the Spectator’s new broadcast producer, talks about how book lovers are

How TikTok can turn a book into a bestseller

I have an American friend who loves reading, but is clueless about technology. The last time I visited him he was still using Internet Explorer, which even Microsoft has given up on. My friend was puzzled when he walked into his local bookshop and was met by a table of books with the sign ‘#BookTok