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Putin's Toxic Power

How should Britain respond to the nerve agent attack on a Russian spy?

Jay Heinrichs: How To Argue With A Cat

What will Donald Trump get up to at Davos?

‘I’ve invited my parents over to make them feel guilty.’
‘Not THE Peter Rabbit?!’
‘Is that Mike Pompeo’s welcome or leaving card?’
Puzzles and games
And finally

Virtual currencies will be our salvation

Gstaad I never made it to Zurich but met up with Steve Bannon through the miracle of technology, thanks to…

17 Mar 2018

Me, General de Gaulle and an elderly barbecued lesbian

The flight from Gatwick to France was cancelled and there was no prospect of another for three days. Paddington station…

17 Mar 2018

Save me from stupid women

We live in a cynical world. One cannot simply advertise something for sale and expect people to believe what one…

17 Mar 2018