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Death of a Dissident

Would confirming Brett Kavanagh actually harm the Republicans?

Andrew Roberts: Walking With Destiny

Is it a sin to be snobbish?

‘Brian’s off to watch the golf.’
Hashtags you don’t see
‘It’s a dancing competition in which the judges give their scores, the public votes, and each week a couple are unfaithful.’
Puzzles and games
And finally

Partying with the Clintons

Gstaad   The bells are ringing, the bells are ringing, ding dong, ding dong. The cows are down from up…

13 Oct 2018

A pub brawl certainly livened up a boring football match

I told Oscar to wait outside and I went in and said to the barman: ‘Would it be all right…

13 Oct 2018

The law of acronyms

Teacher training is terrific fun. Oh yes, I am thoroughly enjoying myself on my evening course at Guildford College. Don’t…

13 Oct 2018