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2444: Ones in the country

2444: Ones in the country
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The unclued entries (three of two words, and two hyphened) share an origin 


1 Put an end to fight where you get a pinch (8)

12 Gold chain found in tangle (5)

14 Produce eggs to value somehow (7)

17 Panic in the manner of commandos (5)

22 Francophone settlers take from simple country folk (8)

23 Page turned by rotter investigating brother (7)

24 Note winning score for Japan (6)

25 Page to agitate author (6)

27 Former half of double-cross, presumably (7, hyphened)

29 Destroyer keeps daughter in custody (8)

33 Old images featuring body art in Saudi Arabia (6)

34 More devious concerning one hiding gold (5)

35 Not in company with new cut plant (4)

37 Increase Labour’s representation (7)

38 Ray volunteers to follow Guy (5)

39 It isn’t the oar working for salts (12)

40 Manner in which he replaces a watery substance (4) 


1 A walk in the park succeeded in rounding bends (6)

2 Fletcher marks this top innings (4)

3 What’s taught by George? (6)

4 Film star viciously barged over (7)

5 Wagging tail on a dog is problem for canine (10)

7 Underage one at rave getting brandy (11)

8 Rings the changes, or charges? (5)

9 Moony with star, involved with this? (9)

10 Trees spotted towering round centre of Mumbai? (6)

13 Smell bad smells, not opening cigar holders (8)

19 One cooking getting cut first, stopping nursemaid wanting low position? (10)

21 Chats back and forth about Silver, hard part of text (9)

26 Frustrates Voldemort finally at school, scoring own goal (7)

28 Edited feature, outside broadcast by Dicky Jones (7, two words)

30 Pat shaved off moustache in pub forum (6)

32 Religious community picked up twelve people (5)

36 Native Americans being savages out of Brazil (4)


A first prize of £30 for the first correct solution opened on 2 March. There are two runners-up prizes of £20. (UK solvers can choose to receive the latest edition of the Chambers dictionary instead of cash — ring the word ‘dictionary’.) Entries to: Crossword 2444, The Spectator, 22 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP. Please allow six weeks for prize delivery.