Anna Soubry: people have had enough of 62-year-old Tory women

Anna Soubry: people have had enough of 62-year-old Tory women
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While several members of the ERG announced that they were voting against Theresa May in the Conservative leadership vote of no confidence last year, those on the Remain side of the Tory Party have generally been much more supportive of the PM, especially when it comes to public displays of loyalty.

Chief Remainer Anna Soubry for one has routinely given interviews in support of May and sent this message on social media ahead of her confidence vote last year:

'We don’t need to change PM but the PM must change course. Get the vote back next week. And when it’s lost take this matter back to the people. It’s the only way out of #BrexitChaos & only way PM stays.'

But could this loyalty be on the wane?

Soubry conducted a webchat this morning with users of the site Mumsnet, mainly to answer their questions about Brexit and to drum up support for a 'People's Vote'.  The chat had some light-hearted moments, such as when Soubry was asked to choose between snogging, marrying or avoiding Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, or Jeremy Corbyn (she opted to 'avoid' all three). Mr Steerpike spotted though that the MP for Broxtowe might not have much more love for the PM. Asked if she would stand for Prime Minister herself, Soubry replied:

While an outright ban on 62 year old Tories would exclude Soubry herself, Mr S notes that it also means 'people have had enough of' the Conservative Party's current leader of the same age, one... Theresa May.

As the campaign for a second referendum gains strength, clearly loyalty to the leadership is wearing thin...

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