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Budget 2009

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Here's a selection of the Budget-related posts that have been made on Coffee House today:

Coffee House
live blogged Alistair Darling's Budget statement here.

Matthew d'Ancona
sets out the politics of the 50p tax rate, and wonders whether any politicians will stand up for aspiration.

Fraser Nelson reveals what the Treasury told lobby journalists, and sets out the top ten Brownies in the Budget.

James Forsyth thinks that the 50p tax rate is a diversionary joke, and highlights the Tory line on tax.

Peter Hoskin
laments Alistair Darling's dodgy forecasts, and says that Labour's debt crisis has become a catastrophe.

Lloyd Evans watches David Cameron lay into the Government of the Living Dead.

Norman Lamont says that the Red Book doesn't put the public finances on a sustainable path.

David Davis argues that a 50p top tax rate will harm the economy.

Frank Field wonders whether the Budget is a crisis waiting to happen.

Daniel Hannan claims that Darling is more concerned about headlines than economic recovery.

Jill Kirby calls the Budget incompetent and vindictive.

Mark Wallace spots the Budget nasties.