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Cameron brings some clarity to the table

Cameron brings some clarity to the table
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Maybe it's just a slow Saturday, but the Conservatives' latest WebCameron video (see below) strikes me as one of the most effective yet. The pitch is straightforward: make an appeal to people who voted New Labour or who "have never voted Tory before".  So things like Sure Start and the minimum wage get a namecheck.

But, aside from that, it's striking just how clearly and unequivocally Cameron sets out Tory commitments such as recognising marriage in the tax system. Indeed, the passage on the "root causes of our social breakdown", and how the Tories would deal with them, harkens back to his powerful address at the party conference.  Only, this time, it's a bit more conversational.  And there's a greenhouse in the background.

To my mind, this caps off a decent couple of days from the Tory leader.  He gave a speech in Scotland last night which was much more direct and punchy than some of his recent efforts.  This line, in particular derserves pulling out:

"The cuts that are coming: make no mistake - they are Gordon Brown's cuts.  That is his inheritance to Britain."  

And here's that video: