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Conservatives defeat Labour’s amendment to Queen’s Speech

Conservatives defeat Labour's amendment to Queen's Speech
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After much confusion today over the Conservative position on whether the party ought to lift the cap on public sector pay, tonight MPs voted to reject Labour’s proposal to the Queen's Speech to end the pay cap.

The government won by 323 votes to 309. While Jeremy Corbyn has since complained that ministers missed an opportunity to 'put their money where their mouth is', this result shows that the agreement between the DUP and Tories is working out. Conservatives worried about living hand-to-mouth in Parliament can take heart that the pact is already securing the Tory party's longevity.

While the final vote will take place tomorrow, tonight's events will help to assure Conservative voters that the party will be around in the coming months – and years.

Written byKaty Balls

Katy Balls is The Spectator's deputy political editor. She is also a columnist for the i paper.

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