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Just in case you missed them... | 16 February 2009

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Here are some of the posts made on over the weekend:

Matthew d'Ancona looks back on the Satanic Verses controversy.

Fraser Nelson laments the hole in Britain's public finances, and says that there are more defections to the Tories in the pipeline.

James Forsyth picks up on Moore pain for Brown, and says that Labour is heading back to the dark days of August

Peter Hoskin senses an air of resignation about Downing Street, and reports on a good poll for the Lib Dems.

Susan Hill writes on a story the press should not encourage.

Martin Bright
wonders whether the Government can dig itself out.

Clive Davis has a video for Valentine's Day.

Faith-Based calls for the law to be changed.

And Americano outlines the next American geography.