Labour MP’s vaccine fake news backfires

Labour MP's vaccine fake news backfires
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Oh dear. It's not been a good weekend on vaccine news for the New York Times or the Labour party. The one time paper of record ran a misleading report claiming the UK planned to give Britons a dangerous cocktail of Covid vaccines. Despite that claim being debunked, it wasn't enough to stop a Labour MP from sharing similar comments.

Now there is another incident to add to the list. The self-titled shadow 'cabinet' minister for mental health Dr Rosena Allin-Khan set the cat among the pigeons late on Saturday night with a series of extraordinary tweets. The Labour MP – who is a trained doctor – took to social media to announce that she had heard rumours that the vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi had managed to fast track the vaccine queue – with he and his family vaccinated Wandsworth. Allin-Khan helpfully '@-ed' Zahawi in the tweet.

It wasn't long before the Labour MP began to get cold feet – stating that people ought not to pile on the minister over the unsubstantiated rumour that she herself had started.

She eventually went the whole hog, deleted all of her tweets and apologised for spreading unsubstantiated rumours. What ever did Team Starmer say to her?

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